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Whitening, lightening, moisturizing and antioxidant formula.
Eric Favre Skin Care ? France.

Recommended for:

Protecting skins that are regularly exposed to the sun.
Lightening and unifying the skin.
Limiting the effects of sebum.
Dull skin.
Tips for use: Apply gently to the face, neck twice a day, morning and evening.

SKU: 00099


White pearl serum: Erases imperfections and protects your skin from the harmful effects of the sun while providing an incomparable glow.

Pearls are a concentrate of technology, they are produced using a macro inclusion process allowing the formation of ?pearls? by a system called ?beading?. The pearls contain signature active ingredients resulting from scientific research. The use of Solawhite? technology forms a fluid cream with a pleasant texture. The ingredients included will then be released by crushing the pearls at the exit of the tube and therefore during application to the skin.

Key ingredients / benefits: Glycofilm 1.5P?: prevents the onset or aggravation of premature aging and skin disorders related to pollution and UV. Boron nitride: mattifying effect + absorbs sebum. Solawhite?: illuminates and brightens the complexion + anti-pollution + UV protection. Algowhite?: even and luminous complexion + smooth and brightened skin + prevention of the appearance of pigment spots.


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