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Anti Wrinkle Cream and Anti-aging radiance treatment.

Recommended for:

Mitigating pigment stain.
Lightening and unifying the skin.
Overcoming the lack of natural collagen. Anti-wrinkle Cream, anti-ageing.
Usage Tips: Apply delicately to the face and neck morning and/or evening.
Eric Favre Skin Care, France.

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Lumi white mature skin: Hyperpigmentation occurs when excess melanin is produced in certain areas of the skin. It is manifested by the appearance on the skin of dark spots, light brown to brown in color, of varying size and shape.
There are different types of hyperpigmentation. Age spots are caused by exposure to the sun. These skin patches are usually small and dark, most commonly affecting the face, hands, and arms.

Use of patented active ingredients: The Eric Favre laboratory researches the best materials in order to present women with high quality products. This is why several assets are patented:
? HydromanilTM
? Hydroxyprolisilane C N?
? Argireline? Hydration 24H + + 83% Softer and thinner skin + 67% More hydrated skin
? Radiant complexion
? Stimulation of the production of new tissues
? Natural botox
? Protective, antioxidant & restructuring action

Usage tips: Apply delicately to the face, neck and d?collet? morning and / or evening.


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