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Eric Favre Detox Creme

831,750 LBP

50 ml Airless Jar , Recommended For:

Oxidized skin.
Fighting dehydration.
Dull complexions.

SKU: 000496


Detox range for combination and oily skin
To protect itself, the skin shows sebum which gives it a shiny, oily appearance mainly visible on the face (more exposed skin). The sebum is produced by the sebaceous glands which are particularly numerous at the level of the the forehead, nose and chin area, commonly called the T zone. Oily skin also has large pores which become blocked because of excess sebum.
Use of patented active ingredients: The Eric Favre laboratory researches the best materials in order to present high quality products to women. This is why several assets are patented.
? HydromanilTM
? Azeloglicina ?24H Hydration +
? Bright Complexion
? Soft Skin
? Significant reduction excess oil
? Rich in vitamins, minerals, plants and clay

This range is recommended for:
? Reduce redness
? imperfection skins
? Remove button
? The Pores
? Skins Dehydrated

Detox Cream: fights acne, stimulates microcirculation and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Key ingredients and benefits:
HydromanilTM: 24H hydration + radiant complexion
Provitamin B5: cell regeneration
Peat extract: antibacterial action
Shea Butter: calms irritation + restorative
Vitamin E: antioxidant + reinforced hydro-lipid film

Apply twice a day, morning and evening gently on the face, neck and d?collet?.