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BlanX Power White Treatment + Led Bite

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2 Weeks teeth whitening treatment.
50ml Treatment + Led Bite.
Peroxide free, enamel safe.

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BlanX White Shock Power White treatment is a teeth whitening kit based on ActiluX?. An innovative active ingredient that reacts with light to whiten your teeth. In fact, ActiluX? is the only technology in the world based on micro-crystals that binds to the surface of enamel. Therefore, forming an invisible, protective barrier for the whole day which reacts to light and helps to remove the stains that cause teeth yellowing by dissolving them.

Most importantly, BlanX white shock Power white is Peroxide free, non abrasive. It is gentle on gum and enamel safe. Therefore, it effectively whitens your teeth without causing any harm or pain.

How to use:

The teeth whitening kit contains one BlanX Power white toothpaste 50ml, Led Bite and a blanx-ometer to monitor teeth shades progress.Use the BlanX toothpaste in place of your regular daily toothpaste two times a day for two weeks. First, Brush with BlanX, rinse and then place a layer of toothpaste. Leave to interact with LED bite for three minutes and rinse to remove residual. For an even more intensive whitening action, use the BlanX LED bite for a minimum of 10 minutes once a week.

The BlanX LED is reusable! Once you have finished the treatment with BlanX Power White, keep the BlanX LED Bite so that you can use it to intensify the action of the BlanX White Shock toothpaste. The batteries of the BlanX LED Bite are replaceable. BlanX LED Bite only works with BlanX White Shock products.
To get the best results, do not alternate BlanX White Shock with other toothpastes.

No SLS ? No PEG ? No Parabens.

Made in Italy, by Coswell.