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Actual Condom 4U Aloe Vera

75,000 LBP

OFFER : 10+10 net

Brand : Actual

Type : Condoms

Natural transparent latex. 

With tip end. 

Lubrication: Dimethicone with Aloe Vera flavour. 

The latex condoms lubricated with Aloe Vera provide a moisturizing lubrication with fruit aroma.

Made in Spain

SKU: 00075


Spanish condoms with special lubrication. The lubricant, which is used for these condoms, contains Aloe Vera extracts. The moisturizing effect will refresh your intimate area. Furthermore, the condoms have a fresh and fruity taste!4 moisturizing condoms (with Aloe Vera), made of latex. Lubricated with silicone oil, transparent, cylindrical shape with reservoir, nominal width: 53mm.


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